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Ever since I was a little girl, I spent every minute dreaming about horses. Over the years, all that's changed is that the dreams are becoming reality.

Together with my fiance Jeremy, and my parents, Glen & Delores, and a very special circle of incredibly supportive people, the dreams are coming true, one day at a time. 

I began showing horses in 1999, through 4-H and in local open shows. I continued showing in the open shows across Saskatchewan over the years, with a variety of different horses, each year achieving a higher level of success. I also began showing in breed shows, which provided new challenges and encouraged new goals to be set. I continue to show in open and breed shows in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

With the addition of a breeding program, my passion for horses, riding, training and showing has only gotten stronger. The goals are bigger now, and while there is still a lot to learn and accomplish, I am determined to keep chasing my dreams.

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